2023 Carded Player List & Scorecards

Auckland Hockey have made changes to the formatting of the match cards in 2023.

Fundamentally, a lot of emphasis has gone back on Managers and teams submitting scores and player list. 

There are steps we as umpires will need to do, specifically card player list and serious injuries.

You’re welcome to print a few copies of these and have them in your hockey bag
Auckland Hockey Match Day Carded Player and Injury Report
It can also be filled out online here:
2023 Carded Player Form – Google Sheet 


  1. Umpires to sight the digital team lists (e.g from managers’ phones)

Remember – you’re not responsible for player eligibility, but check that they have entered a full team, with each player numbered. A player cannot be prevented from playing simply by virtue of their name being left off the electronic card at the commencement of the match.


  1. Keep track of the score and carded players as you normally would – e.g on a piece of paper, or a piece of tape on your hand
  2. Remember to get the number of anyone you card


  1. At each venue (and attached below) will be blank game summary sheets which will need to be filled out with
    – game info
    – all cards that you have issued: Team/PlayerNumber/PlayerName, Colour, Reason and Points
    – any serious medical/injury incident
  2. Check with the manager to get the players name – e.g from the PlayHQ team list
  3. Take a photo of the carded player sheet – please keep this as ‘proof’ and if required, Auckland Hockey will reach out to you if this is required
  4. Get the captain to sign off the cards as correct (particulary player name and number)
  5. Leave the sheet in the usual place – e.g bar at LEP & Avondale

That’s all – thank you!